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I love when cats stick their tongues out a little!
Guess where I was today . . . .?

I had fun stopping at a local pumpkin farm owned by the family of someone I know.  I made sure to stop on a sunny day! 
+ See the scarecrow in the the background?  Hee.  I bought 3 large pumpkins for my students to carve later in October: 2 orange and 1 white.  Also, lots of gourds for our autumn display. 

Sharing ~  a balanced rock formation in my garden, that has lasted for
about 10 days now.  We've had heavy rain and winds in the past week,
so I am pleased and surprised.  The visible bottom stone is on edge
and then there is a base stone below.  (approx. 30" high).  I love the Cleome
in the foreground . . .

Happy Birthday on September 21st

to frausensei. . . . .

This is still a fav. photo of yogaswirl and frausensei!

Sep. 12th, 2009

Two dragonflies.......fun to take the time to see what is . . . there!